Lt. Governor's Entrepreneurial Ambassador Program 


The Lt. Governor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge is a valuable piece of the Kentucky education and innovation ecosystem, intended to provide young students with a real-world experience in which they can experiment, create, and validate their own unique ideas. Our goal is that every student in the Commonwealth will have the opportunity to engage in a fun, novel learning experience that exists outside the classroom, bounded only by their own imagination.

However, we cannot bring the message of entrepreneurship to students quite like other students can. Peer to peer interaction and word of mouth is the best way to disseminate information and actively recruit other students to this experience. Thus, we are happy to announce the Lt. Governor’s Entrepreneurial Ambassador’s Program, an internship focused on communication, relationship building, social and online engagement, and creative expansion of the LGEC.

Student role

Ten students across the state will serve as Ambassadors, actively working to grow the number of students, teams, and schools participating in the LGEC the following year. This will require an online and in-person presence, in regards to social media engagement, meeting with students and teachers, hosting clubs or events, and any other creative ideas that would attract more talented minds.

The Lt. Governor prides creativity, innovation, and novel thinking. Thus, ideal students will leverage their unique knowledge of their environment, peer group, and community to find new and clever ways to reach their audience, outside of conventional means. Again, students are only limited by their own imagination!



In addition to having yet another experience for ideation and creative self-discovery, and above the recommendations and resume building this internship program will provide, students will build valuable relationships. Students will have the ability to meet other ambassadors—top minds from across the state—at social events held throughout the year. Students will also have lunch with the Lt. Governor and visit the State Capitol. This is a significant experience to demonstrate skills in marketing, public relations, community outreach, and sales within the Lt. Governor’s Office.

ideal Student

This opportunity is separate of the LGEC and does not require winning at Regionals or Finals. However, students must possess creativity, excellent written and oral communication skills, a thorough understanding of modern marketing tools, a professional demeanor, and the ability to independently develop their own unique ideas. Put simply, a good LGEC student would make a great Ambassador!



How To apply 

Click Here

The process is very simple. 

Students will create a 60 second video on why they would make a fabulous LGEC Ambassador.  
This video will be uploaded to YouTube, and the link inserted on the application.
Students must be either a Junior or a Senior from any
Kentucky High School or Homeschool in the next school year, 2017/2018.

The form requires only basic information. 

We can't wait to bring your great mind and creative skills on board!