We have created an online course intended to immerse students in the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Utilizing the teachings of startup visionaries such as Bob Dorf and Steve Blank, our online course is free, easily accessible, and thorough. We hope that it will function as a quality companion to competing in the LGEC and will prepare students far ahead of time with minimal effort from teachers and mentors. 

To be registered for the course email: Christine


Want to Change the World?

Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

Contagious, Why things catch on. 


Financials - Spreadsheet 


SWOT analysis - Great Examples 

Business Model Generation - Book 

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas - Explanations 


 Wix - Free website builder

Squarespace - free website builder 

Educator Tools

Free online Lean LaunchPad - (class is on Udacity) 

Lean LaunchPad Educators Program

Sample Lean LaunchPad Lecture slides and syllabus

Steve Blank - Large listing & links of Startup Tools