Guidelines for the LGEC 

The LGEC consists of four components which will be totaled in an overall score at the regional competitions and again for teams who advance to the finals.

The four components include a written business plan, an oral presentation (pitch), a marketing video, and a tabletop display.

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who can apply?

  • High school students grades 9-12 from public, private, and homeschooling groups.
  • Teams must have at least 2 students but no more than 4.
  • Teams must have one adult adviser (parents are ineligible to be official advisers) who will serve as committed guides during the development of the business plan and pitch presentation (e.g., teachers, business owners). 


The LGEC has two layers: regional competitions and a finals competition. The regional competitions will take place in 10 zones across Kentucky with the top team from each regional advancing to the finals. There will be additional awards for innovation and audience choice.

At the regional competitions, students will have 10 minutes to pitch their oral business presentation to a panel of judges and show their tabletop display to their peers as well as a group of judges either before or after they pitch. The written business plan and marketing video will be scored prior to the regional competition.

The regional competitions will be held the week of April 9-13, 2018 with each zone hosting its own regional competition.

The regional competitions are open to any team that has registered and submitted materials for their zone's regional competition and completed all the informational milestones.

Visit the apply page to register and submit materials.

The 10 zones for regional competitions are identified in the map below.

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Regional Hosts


April 9, 2018   Zone 1: West Kentucky CTC

                         Zone 2: Owensboro CTC

April 10, 2018 Zone 3: Elizabethtown CTC

                         Zone 4: University of Louisville

April 11, 2018 Zone 5: Gateway CTC

                        Zone 6: Asbury University

April 12, 2018 Zone 7: Eastern Kentucky University

                         Zone 8:  Union College

April 13, 2018 Zone 9: Maysville CTC

                         Zone 10: Big Sandy CTC


The top team in each regional competition will advance to the Finals. There will be a total of 10 teams from across Kentucky at Finals.

Scoring consists of the following criteria: written plan, oral presentation, marketing video, and a tabletop display. Judges' deliberation will be used in the event of a tie.

Scholarships of up to $100,000 will be split among the top four teams at Finals.  The specific breakdown of scholarships will be announced in March 2018. 

More information on award packages, including college scholarships, non-monetary awards from educational partners, and GSE admission can be viewed at our awards page