being a judge for the lgec

In it's second year, the LGEC registered an astonishing 260 teams! That represents roughly 740 students from across the Commonwealth who learned about entrepreneurship through a project-based, real world experience. 

The competition is built around regional competitions across the state that are followed by a Finals competition.  Student teams have 10 minutes to pitch their business ideas, followed by 10 minutes of question and answer by the judges.  Judges then evaluate the student pitches on scorecards.

The LGEC is using a new online portal designed by GlowTouch Technologies.  Registration for judges will open in February 2019. If you are interested in serving as a judge, please use the information below to plan ahead and revisit this site to register in February 2019.

Prior to their regional competition, judges will receive information on location, parking, criteria to consider, and a summary of the teams they will be judging.

Each regional competition will need to have its own judges coming from that region. 

Regional Competition Dates & Hosts

LGEC 2019 Judging

Two types of judges needed for this year’s event.  

The first judge type is the March Marathon Judge

LGEC Pre-regional Written & Video Scoring

Prior to the regional competitions, each team will submit their marketing video and their written plan.  These two components require scoring before the regional.  The dates for be online judge scoring are TBA.

Judges will be assigned 8-10 videos/plans to score online.  Detailed specific instructions will be sent prior March 5th for judges to review the rules and criteria.

The second judge type is the Regional Judge.

The competition is arranged for regionals into 5 zones across the state. 

Each regional will need to have its own judges coming from that region.  Judges will be scoring the teams oral pitch and their Marketing Expo.

Please click on the link below to register to be a judge.




At each location, the judge’s day will look like this:

8:00 Judges training 

8:45 Welcome from the Lt. Gov. 

9:00 Competition starts. 


Teams have 10 minutes to pitch their businesses, judges have 10 minutes for question and answer, and then the judges have 10 minutes to finish scoring while the business team clears out and the next one moves in. 

Lunch will be provided.

Scoring is done on paper or a computer/tablet (judge provides own)

Judges should expect to score around 7/8 LGEC teams. 

We will be using an online portal for organization.  The judge should click on the link to their zone and register.  Prior to the competition judges will receive, locational information, parking, judging criteria to consider and a summary of the teams they will be judging.  

The awards at each competition will be between 12pm or 1:00pm.