What is the LGEC?

  • The Lt. Governor's Entrepreneurship Challenge (LGEC) is a business pitch competition for Kentucky high school students grades 9-12. It is intended to introduce students to a realistic competitive business environment, as well as promote business ownership and lifelong learning.

When is the LGEC?

  • October 31, 2018: Online registration deadline
  • January 31, 2019: Materials due

  • TBA: Regionals 

  • TBA: Finals

WHere is the LGEC?


who can participate in the LGEC?

  • Students grades 9-12 in Kentucky.
  • Public, private, and homeschool students are eligible.

what do i need to do to be considered for lgeC?

  • A team of at least 2 to 4 students who are interested in creating a product/service and starting a business.

  • One adult adviser who can commit to coach and advise the development of your ideas. 

  • Competing in your zone's regional competition.

    • The top winner from each regional competition will advance to the finals competition.

    • There will be a total of 10 teams advancing to the state competition with first, second, third, and fourth place winners.

  • Submit a registration to compete found on the APPLY page. 

    • Completed online registration forms due 10/31/18 by 5 pm EST. No exceptions.

  • Review the full competition requirements, build your business plan, prepare your pitch presentation, and submit your application.

    •  Complete online application due 1/31/19 by 5 pm EST. No exceptions.

Click Here for the LGEC Guidelines

What if i don't have any adults to serve as advisers?

  • Seek out a teacher at your school who can help.
  • Contact your local Kentucky Innovation Network office for suggestions.
  • Meet with local entrepreneurs in your community to see if they would help.

What if i want to serve as an adult adviser for a team?

why should i care about the LGEC?

  • You have the opportunity of a lifetime to walk away with significant prize winnings (aiming for $100,000 split among the top 4 teams at the state competition) for scholarships to post-secondary institutions in Kentucky.

  • Learning values (e.g., risk-taking, collaboration) that are an important part of successful entrepreneurship, cultivating a career, and growing as a person.