Finals Scholarships

Scholarships of up to $100,000 will be split among the top four teams at Finals.  The specific breakdown of scholarships will be announced in March 2018. 

*The winners' scholarships are for use at any post-secondary institutions in Kentucky, which include but are not limited to: traditional colleges and universities, community and technical colleges, trade schools, and software bootcamps.

GSE Admission

In addition to a share of the $100,000 in college scholarships available, the top two winning teams from Finals will receive automatic acceptance into the 2018 Governor's School for Entrepreneurs (GSE).

GSE is a residential summer program where creative, free-thinking high school students learn and do product innovation and business model design. GSE’s exploratory learning environment combines STEM skills with enterprise development. GSE immerses young people in the adventure of entrepreneurship. Click here for more information on GSE.


School Choice and Innovation Awards

We are excited to announce these brand new award packages for the 2nd LGEC in 2018. These awards will allow students who take a big risk and bring a novel, creative, wacky, or experimental business idea to the competition to still have a chance to win something outside of the college scholarships, which are based on business feasibility and assessed by business judges. These awards will be self-selected by the partnering education institution, and do not require placing in the top four among the LGEC judges. Each award will be different based on the school and the industry/field they choose to focus on.


Morehead Space Innovation Award: Morehead State University, home of the nationally renowned Morehead Space Science Center, is happy to announce the Morehead Space Innovation Award for competitors in the 2018 LGEC. This award will allow MSU to self-select an outstanding student team in the field of space or aerospace technology. If you want to be part of Kentucky's (and the world's) emerging space and aerospace communities, take a chance on launching your company in this field! MSU will offer a package consisting of a combination of:

  • A visit to the MSU Space Science Center/21-meter tracking station.
  • High level guidance from industry insiders, staff, and students.
  • A guided tour of the Space Science Center. 
  • A star theatre show for students and parents.  
  • Free value-added services (business development, networking, coaching/consulting) from the Morehead Innovation Network Office. 

Interested students should see full award description linked above or contact us for more details.


University of Louisville Product Innovation Award: UofL will recognize one outstanding team competing in the 2018 LGEC. This team’s startup pitch, chosen by the university, will be focused on a new, innovative product that could disrupt the market significantly. Resources available to winners include:

  • Discussion and advice on intellectual property from Matthew Hawthorne, JD/MBA
  • Visit to UofL Materials Innovation Lab and help prototyping from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering's Dr. Sundar Atre.
  • Attending a taping of the 'Dream Funders’ venture capital competition TV show
  • Coaching from UofL Entrepreneurship Center.
  • Visit of FirstBuild makerspace and microfactory/ iHub startup co-working space 

If you’re a student interested in manufacturing a novel product, see the full award description linked above or contact us for more details.


EKU_Primary_Logo_RGB (004).jpg

Outstanding (GoBigE) Developers Team Award (2)

EKU will recognize outstanding developers through the Outstanding (GoBigE) Developers Team Award. This award will be offered to two strong competing teams in the 2018 LGEC.

This teams’ startup pitch, chosen by the university, will be focused on a new, innovative development oriented product that could disrupt the market significantly. Some of the many resources available to winners include:

  • Attendance and Pitch to design studio representatives at the VECTOR conference for Game Developers.
  • Visit the EKU Gaming Institute VR lab with student designers
  • $100 gift card per team from the EKU Business Accelerator/TechBase10
  • Free value-added services (business development, networking, coaching/consulting, patent advise, etc.)

See the full award description linked above for more details on resources available to winning teams. 

Outstanding (GoBigE) Future Business Person Award

EKU will recognize an outstanding team of competitors that declares a major in the College of Business through the Outstanding (GoBigE) Future Business Person Award. To receive the one-time award, the competitors must attend EKU and choose a major in a program within the College of Business and Technology:

  • $500 scholarship (up to 4 individuals)
  • $150 Book Scholarship (up to 4 individuals)
  • Semester Intern Assistantship (1 CBT enrolled competitor)

If you’re interested in either of these opportunities, see the full award description linked above or contact us for more details.