Finals Scholarships

Scholarships of up to $100,000 will be split among the top four teams at Finals.  The specific breakdown of scholarships will be announced in March 2018. 

*The winners' scholarships are for use at any post-secondary institutions in Kentucky, which include but are not limited to: traditional colleges and universities, community and technical colleges, trade schools, and software bootcamps.

GSE Admission

In addition to a share of the $100,000 in college scholarships available, the top two winning teams from Finals will receive automatic acceptance into the 2018 Governor's School for Entrepreneurs (GSE).

GSE is a residential summer program where creative, free-thinking high school students learn and do product innovation and business model design. GSE’s exploratory learning environment combines STEM skills with enterprise development. GSE immerses young people in the adventure of entrepreneurship. Click the link above to see all possible prize packages. 


School Choice and Innovation Awards

We are excited to announce these brand new award packages for the 2nd LGEC in 2018. These awards will allow students who take a big risk and bring a novel, creative, or experimental business idea to the competition to still have an opportunity to win something outside of the Finals Prizes, which are based on business feasibility and assessed by business judges. These awards will be self-selected by the partnering education institution, and do not require placing in the top four among the LGEC judges. Each award will differ based on the offering institution and the industry/field they choose to focus on. Click the link above to see all possible prize packages. 

Regional Awards

To ensure that our best and brightest teams are eligible for awards close to home, in addition to the statewide competition, we are introducing smaller, region-specific awards this year. Some institutions will offer both statewide prize packages and regional awards. Click the link above to see all possible prize packages.