HOW TO Apply for the 2018 LGEC

There are four crucial steps for competing in the LGEC:

  • Step 1: Advisers must create an account via the zone map below
  • Step 2: Student teams must create an account via the zone map below (each student on the team)
  • Step 3: Every student must then login to complete their registration
  • Step 3: Student teams must complete registration by 10/31/17
  • Step 4: Students must ensure the written plan & video link are turned in by 2/15/18

The final application must have your completed business plan and marketing video link. You should work on your oral presentation prior to the regional competitions. You will receive feedback on your business plan by March 31, 2018. Don't forget to bring your tabletop display to the regional competition as it counts as part of your overall score.

It is recommended your team is gathered together to complete all online steps.

Step by Step Registration Instructions


Registration Steps Review

  • Click on your county in the zone map below.  This will take you to your zone’s registration page. To register you must have the following information ready:
       -) Team members' full contact details (name, address, phone, email, etc.)
       -) Usernames for each team member (for later login)
       -) The adviser's full contact details
  • After clicking on your county from the map below, create a team account by clicking on “Registration” option in the upper-right portion of the page.   All team members must register at the same time and have a unique username.
  • Each team member must then log into their account and complete the first three steps by 5 pm EST on 10/31/17 to indicate your intention to compete. There are no exceptions for deadlines.
  • The fourth step (submitting business plan (PDF) and marketing video link (NO Google docs) must be completed by 5 pm EST on 2/15/18 for eligibility to compete. There are no exceptions to deadlines.

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